The Eco-Savvy Choice: Plywood Sustainability In Kitchen Design

Posted by Rhian Burrell, on October 4, 2023.

The need to live ‘greener’ is shaping all aspects of everyday life – and kitchen design isn’t exempt from this. Interior design choices are evolving with sustainability in mind, and here at Cherrywood Bespoke, we’re proud to offer a sustainable design solution through our selection of beautiful plywood kitchens

If you’re looking to enjoy the benefits of a handmade kitchen that is as stylish as it is sustainable, then it’s time to discover plywood.

What is plywood and how is it suitable for kitchen design?

Plywood is a composite wood material, made by bonding thin layers of veneers together. It’s a popular choice in construction and interior design due to its strength, durability, and flexibility – and these characteristics make it particularly suitable for crafting some of the long-lasting, hard wearing kitchens you’ll see in our Oxfordshire kitchen showroom.

How is plywood sustainable?

Want to understand more about the popularity of plywood kitchens and exactly what it is that makes them a sustainable choice? We’ve summarised some of the properties that make plywood an eco-friendlier canvas than conventional alternatives.

It’s derived from a renewable source

The source of sustainable plywood is trees (we mainly opt for birch ply for our kitchens), so we’re dealing with a renewable resource.

Is birch plywood sustainable?

The benefit of birch plywood is that this specific type of tree has a relatively fast growth rate, so using the material doesn’t pose a serious environmental-threat to existing ecosystems. Sustainable forestry practices mean that the trees used for plywood are replenished frequently, creating an abundance of this super-versatile design component.

Less energy is required to make plywood?

The production process for sustainable plywood is energy efficient, meaning it can be made without any huge consumption consequences – this isn’t the case for some of the most popular hardwood alternatives.

The production process produces less waste?

It’s therefore not surprising that the plywood production results in less waste, and by-products such as wood scraps can often be recycled or repurposed, minimising the landfill impact.

Plywood can be recycled

When it’s untreated or lightly treated, sustainable plywood can be recycled – or better yet upcycled. It’s also biodegradable, so it can be disposed of responsibly and without damaging the surrounding environment.

Plywood has lower VOC emissions

When you opt for a plywood sustainable kitchen, you’ll be working with one of the most appealing design canvases – the natural grain of this material creates a unique, Scandinavian-style finish. Many designs that we’ve produced for our customers have kept paints and finishes to a minimum as a result, opting to show off the natural quality of the wood instead for a rustic yet industrial appeal. 

When you’re working with fewer paints and finishes you’re contributing less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into the environment – which is another green flag for plywood sustainability!

Choosing the aesthetic for your sustainable plywood kitchen

If you’re keen to embrace everyday sustainability, then it could be time to bring your own plywood kitchen design to life. Our expert kitchen designer will help you to determine the best layout to maximise the practicality of the room, then it’ll be time to apply all of the styling touches and functional extras.

We’ve provided some helpful inspiration to help you begin designing your own sustainable plywood kitchen below, or alternatively, get started by browsing some of the recent projects in our plywood portfolio.

Creating a Scandi-style sustainable plywood kitchen

Scandinavian design is renowned for its clean lines, functionality, and warmth. A Scandi-style sustainable plywood kitchen embodies these principles effortlessly, and the natural appearance of the material lends itself to this aesthetic perfectly. 

Light-toned plywood cabinets and open shelving will create an airy feel, while organic forms and natural light contribute to the inviting atmosphere. Add touches of warm wood and monochrome elements to achieve a harmonious balance in your Scandi-style plywood sustainable kitchen. Our kitchen designer will work with you to craft a Scandi-inspired design that suits your space, focusing on minimalism while emphasising the raw charm of our sustainable birch plywood.

Captivating colour with your sustainable plywood kitchen design

Colour is a powerful tool in design, and sustainable plywood kitchens are no exception – and there’s no reason that it can’t be incorporated into your design. Infuse your kitchen with character by focusing on one or two bold, vibrant hues. You could consider making the focal point of the room coloured plywood cabinet doors on the bottom half of your room, creating depth in your space. 

Need some colour inspo? Pairing deep blues, rich greens, or even daring yellows with plywood’s natural backdrop for a stunning contrast. In order to retain the eco-friendly appeal of your design, we’ll source paint that has a low VOC content. 

This dynamic approach adds personality while still embracing sustainability, giving your kitchen a unique edge that’s anything but ordinary.

Experimenting with overexposure in your sustainable plywood kitchen

Sometimes, it’s the unexpected that sparks creativity. Overexposure, a design technique involving exposing the plywood’s layers, adds an element of intrigue to your sustainable kitchen. We use this method to create eye-catching finishes and tactile textures that break away from convention, giving you a truly unique kitchen to enjoy. Overexposed plywood cabinetry, when combined with the right lighting and decor, becomes a talking point, turning your kitchen into a sophisticated space.

Au naturale sustainable plywood kitchens

Nature has a timeless allure, and a kitchen design that brings the outdoors in can be both refreshing and soothing. In its ‘au naturale’ form, a plywood kitchen design will enable you to embrace the beauty of natural wood within your home. Unfinished or lightly treated plywood surfaces will create a stripped-back, gorgeous finish, allowing your kitchen to harmonise with the environment. Add stone countertops, woven accents, and potted plants to complete the nature-inspired aesthetic, creating a serene sanctuary within your home.

Embrace eco-friendly living with a sustainable plywood kitchen

Our eco-friendly plywood kitchens will introduce style, functionality, and longevity to your kitchen, and the custom design that we create for you will capture everything you’d envisaged for your home. Explore responsibly sourced birch plywood kitchens in our free brochure, or simply contact us today to start your design process.

Contemporary sustainable plywood kitchens

Got an eye for modernity? There’s endless ways to introduce cutting-edge design touches into a contemporary sustainable plywood kitchen. The versatile nature of plywood lends itself to experimentation with geometric forms and sleek hardware, so you can create a sleek space that fits your home aesthetic.

Sustainable plywood kitchen design: FAQs

What makes plywood a sustainable choice for kitchen design?

Plywood is sustainable due to its efficient use of renewable, relatively fast growing wood resources. It’s crafted from thin layers of wood veneers, keeping resultant waste low while not compromising on strength and durability.

Can sustainable plywood kitchens match different design styles?

As we’ve explored above, there are absolutely no limitations on the styles that can be created through a sustainable plywood kitchen design. Plywood kitchens provide one of the most versatile canvases for your everyday space, so it’s up to your own preferences on how you customise it. Whether you prefer a rustic, modern, Scandi, or contemporary look, our kitchen designer will tailor a design that ticks every box.

Can I incorporate colour into a sustainable plywood kitchen?

There’s no reason that colour can’t or shouldn’t be added to a sustainable kitchen design. By choosing low VOC paint and working with a hue that withstands seasonal kitchen design trends, you’ll be able to create the eco-friendly haven you’ve been dreaming of. On the flip side, we’ve created plenty of stunning neutral plywood kitchen designs too, and this way you can opt to add colour through accessories and wall or ceiling paint.