Contemporary Kitchens

Defining a Contemporary kitchen…

Contemporary kitchens are a popular choice for many households, used to create an interior space with minimal detail, contemporary kitchens are often characterized by their clean lines and the use of neutral colour palettes. Many contemporary kitchens, in Oxfordshire and beyond, feature the use different colour sheens from flat matt finishes to full gloss. The choice of finish on a contemporary kitchen can also be a great way of adding some of the occupier’s own personality to an otherwise minimal design.

Contemporary Kitchens

For a look at a recent contemporary kitchen created by Cherrywood Bespoke, take a look at our Cropredy kitchen project, here.

Our contemporary kitchen cabinets are made using the exact same expert methods and specialist materials that we use for all of our other kitchen styles. We are always very conscience of still using our framed cabinets but take a more intricate approach to the dimensions of the components. To keep the design clean and detail free we use flat fronted doors and drawers to keep the appearance as modern and sleek looking as possible.

Adding the right handles to your contemporary kitchen will have a huge impact on the overall look you are trying to achieve. There are many options to choose from, from bar pulls to avoiding handles altogether or even opting for a push-to-open system.

Designing your Contemporary Kitchen…

Remember Contemporary Kitchens are meant to be minimalistic and free from clutter.
Here are a few things to consider

  • Keep the base cabinets similar so that door and drawer lines travel as seamlessly as possible
  • If you’re going for a painted finish, choose the sheen level carefully
  • If going for a natural timber finish, choose a timber with a close grain pattern and consider which direction the grain will run (vertically or horizontally). Always try to keep this the same where possible
  • Decide on your choice of handles or no handles. The colour of your handles is also worth taking some time to mull over properly
  • The style of appliances you opt for does make a difference, so choose wisely
  • The colour of and choice of worktops has a big impact on the entire look and feel of the room
  • Use of lighting. Be sure to choose lighting that is better suited to the style of a contemporary kitchen rather than that of say a Shaker kitchen 

By considering these suggestions for a clean-lined contemporary kitchen you should be well on your way to having the right knowledge to tackle a contemporary kitchen design of our own.

Here at Cherrywood Bespoke, we’re always happy to help. So, if you have any questions please, please do get in touch.

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