Shaker Kitchens

Bespoke shaker kitchens: Simplistic, functional, classic designs

Our approach to crafting beautiful bespoke shaker kitchens is guided by the original principles of this coveted style. Shaped by heritage and understated style, this range will appeal to anyone who appreciates tradition. We use these aspects to create both freestanding and fitted shaker kitchens, transforming spaces with this timeless, elegant design. 

Design your bespoke shaker style kitchen with us

Here at Cherrywood Bespoke, we craft your shaker kitchen to perfection using premium materials, capturing the vision that you have for your space. From bringing the shaker style kitchen island that you’ve envisaged to life, to designing a bespoke shaker kitchen with clever built-in storage, we’ll tailor your bespoke kitchen to your exact requirements. Get a free brochure online, visit our kitchen showroom or schedule a kitchen consultation with one of our expert designers.

Shaker kitchen designs to suit every home

Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful” – Shaker philosophy

Designed to suit every space

The minimalism that defines the shaker kitchen style lends itself to the fact that this option will suit any space – whether you’re renovating a large room, or if you’re working with a smaller kitchen, our expert designers will design a layout that utilises the area in the best way possible. Where other styles such as contemporary kitchens often make use of ornamental, lavish finishes, shaker style kitchens focus on simplicity.

Inspired by tradition

The shaker kitchen style owes its recognisable hallmarks to those who pioneered the design and gave its namesake. The Shakers, a religious group of highly skilled craftsmen, are known to have tailored the style that we know now with attention to detail that was second to none. While shaker kitchens have broadened their design scope over the years, they’ll always be characterised by the original principle of creating practical yet beautiful spaces for everyday living.


What makes a Cherrywood Bespoke shaker kitchen?

Here Cherrywood Bespoke, we are inspired by the traditional appeal that comes with a shaker style kitchen, and we’ve captured it in countless projects across Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire – and even further afield. Shaker kitchens are one of our most popular styles, but we always endeavour to design an individual space that blends into the existing surroundings effortlessly. Want to transform your own space? Take a look at some of our kitchen projects and get inspired. 


Crafting the perfect shaker kitchen for your home

Designing the perfect shaker kitchen requires a meticulous eye for detail, and here at Cherrywood Bespoke, we consider even the smallest details. From the materials we use, to the shades and tones throughout the design, we’re conscious of every element and we ensure that the space we create has a cohesive, unified finish.


Shaker kitchens: materials we use

We select material components for our bespoke shaker kitchens that will be hard-wearing and long-lasting. Original shaker style kitchens made use of cherry and maple wood, as they were rich in colour, strong and more readily available in the local communities. Today, Tulipwood is widely used for its durability and its proven acceptance of numerous paint finishes. 

Shaker kitchen colour palettes

Shaker colour pallets were traditionally a mixture of natural walls combined with cabinets finished in matt blue, yellow or red paint. Today, there are a plethora of palette options to choose from based on your own decor preferences t, and the style is often seen in varying colour tones. Our team will be happy to advise you on choosing the perfect shaker kitchen colour scheme, ensuring that your space matches your individual style.

Making your shaker kitchen a bespoke space

While traditional styles remain popular, the most important thing to convey through the bespoke kitchen that we create for you is your individual style. If you’d like to incorporate some modern features throughout the design, our team will be able to do so in a way that retains the tradition of this coveted style. Similarly, if you want to experiment with finishes or colour schemes, we’ll help you to do so in a way that maintains the seamless, stylish end result.

Key considerations for your bespoke shaker kitchen design

Ready to begin choosing the components for your own bespoke design with us? We’ve shared some essential considerations below to help this process run smoothly. 


Start with your 3 most important items – cooker, fridge and sink. A practical shaker style kitchen is one that has a natural flow around it. Keep these 3 items as close as possible in order to lessen your movement from one to another.    


Try to create symmetry where possible with your shaker kitchen design. Our designers will start with the cooker and use this as a focal point, building the rest of the kitchen out using this as the centre. Following this approach will help us to arrange your cabinets in a way that is both practical and pleasing to the eye.


Don’t have more than you need. Include the most important ones, and keep the shaker kitchen style principle of simplicity at the forefront of your design plans. The last thing you want is unused appliances taking up valuable storage space.


We are huge fans of quartz to compliment our shaker kitchens. Using natural products is a must for us where possible, and it enables us to create striking finishes. We often use either silestone or ceasarstone for our quartz worktops.

Cabinet materials

We offer either birch ply or oak ply carcasses with our shaker style kitchens. Using a good, strong sustainable ply means our carcasses are robust enough for whatever life throws at them. Our cabinet doors and drawer fronts are made using tulipwood for its durability and its cohesive properties. All of our drawers are made using either solid oak or birch, but ply drawers are also another option – it will all depend on the vision you have for your bespoke shaker kitchen.

Cabinet furniture

Choosing handles and handle colour are worth taking some time over. A great time to consider this is when looking at worktop and cabinet colour. 


The options for shaker kitchen lighting can create an array of different ambiences in your space, so it is worth some careful consideration.   

Taking all of these suggestions into account will help you to design a bespoke shaker kitchen that will serve your home for years to come. Of course, our expert kitchen designer is always happy to help if you have any questions.

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