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This simple range of fitted or freestanding furniture will appeal to anyone who appreciates fine English cabinetry and understated style. We’ve worked on projects across Oxfordshire, Northamptonshire and Warwickshire and further afield.

A simplistic, functional Shaker kitchen…

“Don’t make something unless it is both necessary and useful; but if it is both necessary and useful, don’t hesitate to make it beautiful”
Shaker philosophy

A combination of style, form and function a Shaker kitchen is defined by its minimalistic approach, high-quality materials and functional finish. Unlike other styles which can include more ornamental and lavish finishes, the Shaker kitchen reflects the core principles and beliefs of; honesty, simplicity and unity. The Shakers were highly skilled craftsmen with attention to detail that was second to none.

Some of Our Shaker Kitchens…

At Cherrywood we are inspired by the traditional appeal that comes with a Shaker style kitchen and love working with such a timeless design style. This is typically our most commonly chosen style. We strongly believe it has proven itself time and time again with its willingness to blend with its given surroundings. You are able to see a selection of our finished projects here.

Shaker Materials

Offering different types of Shaker Kitchen Ideas. Cherry and Maple were the most commonly used woods for Shaker furniture, they were rich in colour, strong and more readily available in the local communities. Today Tulipwood is widely used for its durability and its proven acceptance of numerous paint finishes. 

Shaker colour pallets were traditionally a mixture of natural walls combined with cabinets finished in matt blue, yellow or red paint. Today the palette has grown somewhat, and the style is often seen in varying colour tones.

Designing your Modern Shaker Kitchen…

If you are looking for a simple but beautiful kitchen that not only catches the eye but offers practical and functional living, then Shaker could be the style for you. We will always work with you to develop the perfect design and are able to adapt the style to suit modern living. 

This is a truly timeless style that promises to deliver a combination of the highest quality materials and fuss-free finishes, to create a truly bespoke kitchen only for you.

Shaker style kitchens are truly distinctive. With this carries the responsibility to have yours designed by a company who genuinely believe in what the style stands for.   

Things you may want to consider when having your Shaker kitchen designed

  • …Layout – Start with your 3 most important items – Cooker, Fridge and Sink. A practical kitchen is one that has a natural flow around it. Keep these 3 items as close as possible in order to lessen your movement from one to another.    
  • …Aesthetics – Try to create symmetry where possible. We try and start with the cooker and use this as a focal point. Ultimately this part is considerable when trying to arrange your cabinets in a way that is both practical and pleasing to the eye.
  • …Appliances – Don’t have more than you need. Include the most important ones. The last thing you want is unused appliances taking up valuable storage space.
  • …Worktops – We are huge fans of quartz to compliment our Shaker kitchens. Using natural products is a must for us where possible. We often use either Silestone or Caesarstone for our quartz
  • …Cabinet materials – We offer either Birch ply or Oak ply carcasses with our Shaker kitchens. Using a good, strong sustainable ply means our carcasses are robust enough for whatever kitchen life throws at them. Our cabinet doors and drawer fronts are made using Tulipwood for its durability and its proven ability to accept paint finishes. All of our drawers are made using either solid Oak or Birch. Ply drawers are also another option.
  • …Cabinet furniture – Choosing handles and handle colour are worth taking some time over. A great time to consider this is when looking at worktop and cabinet colour. 
  • …Lighting – Subtle lighting is worth some careful consideration.   

By considering these suggestions for a Shaker kitchen you will be well on your way to having the knowledge to tackle a kitchen design of our own.

The team at Cherrywood are happy to help if you have any questions.

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