The Signature Cherrywood Bespoke Kitchen

Discover our signature bespoke kitchen style

Amongst all of the breathtaking custom made kitchens that we have created and installed, you'll find a quintessential style that has become synoymous with the Cherrywood Bespoke ethos. Our signature style is best characterised by harmony, simplicity, and practicality, and it has the ability to completely elevate a space. We've created a guide to achieveing this timeless appeal in your home, and you can download our accompanying kitchen checklist to start bringing your own bespoke project to life.

Traditional, timeless, elegant
Shaker style kitchens
An elevated, practical, luxury space

Layout: creating spaces that flow & highlight focal points

A classic Cherrywood Bespoke kitchen flows effortlessly, enhancing the space that you have and highlighting any focal points. We'll work with photographs, floor plans or architectural drawings to map a layout for your kitchen that serves the purposes that you need it to, perfectly. We incorporate practicality exactly where it is needed. and we find clever ways to create visual intrigue - from adding family-friendly storage solutions, to making use of natural light. The result? A kitchen layout that certainly couldn't be replicated with any old 'off the shelf' fixtures.

The beauty of a working triangle

The working triangle concept guides all of our bespoke kitchen designs, and it adds an essential layer of convenience to your new space. It refers to the idea of having your cooker, sink, and fridge all within one contained 'triangle' space. By following this principle. your core working areas will all be within easy reach, giving you a simple workflow to follow when it comes to meal prepping for the family or tackling the aftermath of an afternoon spent baking. It makes navigating your space simple, and it will also add a new form of purpose to your bespoke kitchen.

Cabinetry: smart simplicity

Smart simplicity is the best way to summarise the cabinetry that features in our own bespoke kitchen style. We take some inspiration from our handmade shaker kitchens, applying their emphasis on clean lines and clear functionality to our own classic cabinetry style. We then accentuate the timeless, practical appeal of these fixtures by opting for muted, neutral colour palettes. This gives us a versatile canvas for our kitchens, and it allows for plenty of other customisation opportunities.

Kitchen cabinet design: quality is key

We install units that will serve your space for years to come, so sourcing premium material components is central to our kitchen cabinet design approach. Your cabinets will be carefully created by our experienced makers in our workshop. and we'll ensure that they're finished to an impressive standard.

Quartz: the ultimate all-rounder for kitchen worktops

Quartz is our most popular choice when it comes to deciding on the worktop for your bespoke design, and we're proud to incorporate it into the classic Cherrywood Bespoke style.

Its low maintenance and hard-wearing properties are complemented by the fact that it is available in an array of different finishes, so you can choose a worktop that adds to the aesthetics of your bespoke kitchen design. We're here to help you to get the intricacies of your stunning quartz worktop right, and we will guide you through both polished and honed finishes, until you settle on a choice that suits your entire space.

Decor & finishing touches

Timeless style with neutral hues

Having already installed countless beautiful kitchens across Oxfordshire, we've come to the conclusion that neutral colour palettes are often the most effectve choice that you can make while designing a bespoke space.

Opting for this kind of minimal, low-key backdrop for your new kitchen will add longevity to your home investment, as it'll offer up plenty of opportunities for you to put your own stamp on the space through other means. Our custom kitchens are intended to be utterly timeless, rather than outdated by passing trends.

Adding stylish accents & practicality

What makes our signature kitchen style feel that little bit more luxurious?

Accents and final touches of practicality will ensure that your space fits the criteria of an unmistakable, Cherrywood Bespoke kitchen. Think handles, custom woodwork, and essential fixtures such as sockets (or wine cabinets!), and align all of these final details with your lifestyle, and you'll have the ultimate kitchen that suits every element of your lifestyle.

Discover more bespoke kitchen styles & download your project checklist

We've covered every aspect of our own bespoke kitchen style - now, it's time to apply the principles that we've mastered to your own space. Our kitchen checklist is a free resource for you to download at the start of your bespoke kitchem journey, and it's a simple way to understand our design approach. Get yours, and start work on your own awe-inspiring space!

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