Plywood Kitchen Design

Something different, with Plywood Kitchens…

Plywood kitchen design gives you something very individual and beautifully unique to other kitchen styles. With its exposed layers and modern quality, its popularity is gaining steady momentum.
When researching your design options for your new kitchen, you will have no doubt come across many examples of this growing trend. Its design has an untimely appeal and can be blended effortlessly into both modern and traditional settings.

Revitalise your room with a bespoke plywood kitchen

Plywood kitchen design has the ability to create refreshing, unique finishes, enhanced by the exposed layers and modern characteristics of this breathtaking material.

Plywood kitchens Oxfordshire, Bedfordshire, and beyond

The style is becoming an extremely popular option, and we’ve already created bespoke plywood kitchens in homes across Oxfordshire and the surrounding area.

Tailor made plywood kitchens

Our expert kitchen designer will find a way to showcase the best of this style in the space available – we create design ideas for both small plywood kitchens and large plywood kitchens, and every space that we create will be refined with functionality, practicality, and stylish finishing touches. Want to know how your own space would take shape? Visit our Oxfordshire kitchen showroom to explore our plywood kitchen design range.

The perks of choosing a plywood kitchen

Want to know exactly why this material is becoming the go-to for kitchen renovations? Learn more about what a bespoke plywood kitchen can add to the most used space in your home.

Plywood offers unrivalled practicality

Plywood kitchens are designed to be strong, long-lasting, and built for everyday life. The manufacturing process of plywood is formed through a number of thin real wood veneers, bonded alternately to one another at 90 degrees. The result is a super sturdy surface that is hard-wearing enough for the busiest family homes, all while boasting a unique finish.

Plywood kitchen design can be as versatile as you’d like

While there are distinctive kitchen styles to choose from, plywood kitchens have the ability to convey a range of different aesthetics. They work as the perfect canvas for a Scandi-inspired modern plywood kitchen, but they also work well in heritage style spaces. We’ve also had our own fair share or super colourful plywood kitchens, so there’s no limit to the possibilities that this chic, timeless style can lend itself to.

Plywood is a sustainable choice for your kitchen refresh

Kitchen design has embraced sustainability in many ways, and the plywood spaces that we create are a prime example of this – we only choose sustainably sourced hardwoods for our birch ply.

The result is beautiful, sustainably produced components for your handmade kitchen – from designing a striking plywood kitchen worktop, to designing plywood kitchen cabinets that add functionality to your space. The production process for the plywood we use across our projects also generates significantly less waste than traditional methods. We also repurpose any additional offcuts to bring future sustainable plywood kitchen designs to life.

Create your own stunning plywood kitchen with Cherrywood Bespoke

You’ll find lots of plywood styles in our kitchen projects showcase, giving you a great place to pick up some styling inspiration when it comes to planning your own refresh These plywood kitchens are all crafted with our commitment to quality in mind, and we only use premium, responsibly sourced plywood for our projects.

Arrange a design consultation for your bespoke plywood kitchen

We’re ready and waiting to bring your dream plywood kitchen to life, so contact us to book your consultation or home visit, and get inspired by requesting a free brochure.

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