Plywood Kitchens

Something different, with Plywood Kitchens…

Plywood kitchens give you something very individual and beautifully unique to other kitchen styles. With its exposed layers and modern quality, its popularity is gaining steady momentum.
When researching your design options for your new kitchen, you will have no doubt come across many examples of this growing trend. Its design has an untimely appeal and can be blended effortlessly into both modern and traditional settings.

Our Plywood Kitchens…

Our Shutford plywood kitchen sits unassumingly in a traditionally built property but can be seen combining with its surroundings of old and new. We have used birch ply for this project for its superior qualities of structural stability and its eye catching figured grain patterns.

Another material introduced to this kitchen is that of Fenix NTM which has been used to sandwich the ply doors and drawer front to give them a durable and cleanable surface. It is available in a selection of colours and is a great addition to emphasise the striking contrast between the solid colour and the plywood’s light and dark-toned edges.

Plywood kitchens give you something very individual

Recessed handles were chosen so not to distract from the plywood itself. Sometimes by adding additional handles it can detract your eye away from the simplicity of the design.

Practical plywood…

The manufacturing process of plywood is formed through a number of thin real wood veneers bonded alternately too one another at 90 degrees to create one of the strongest board material structures you will find. Making it the perfect choice for a busy and much-used kitchen environment.

This style of construction allows for superior strength, making it the ideal material for your cabinets. We only use quality plywood which is made using sustainably sourced hardwoods.

Designing your Plywood Kitchen…

Designing with ply means you can think a little outside of the box. It is a great material to create cohesion with different textures and colours i.e. Stone, cork, glass, concrete and many more. It is a fantastic product if you have a particularly adventurous side. Being bold is highly recommended.

We endeavour to always feature the highest quality products to make our kitchens, leaving the end result for you truly bespoke, memorable and everlasting.

Things you may want to consider when having your Plywood kitchen designed

  • …Layout – Start with your 3 most important items – Cooker, Fridge and Sink. A practical kitchen is one that has a natural flow around it. Keep these 3 items as close as possible in order to lessen your movement from one to another.    
  • …Aesthetics – Try to create symmetry where possible. We try and start with the cooker and use this as a focal point. Ultimately this part is considerable when trying to arrange your cabinets in a way that is both practical but also pleasing to the eye.
  • …Appliances – Don’t have more than you need. Include the most important ones. The last thing you want is unused appliances taking up valuable storage space.
  • …Worktops – We are huge fans of quartz to complement our  kitchens. Using natural products is a must for us where possible. We often use either Silestone or Caesarstone for our quartz
  • …Cabinet materials – We offer  Birch ply carcasses with our plywood kitchens. Using a good, strong sustainable ply means our carcasses are robust enough for whatever kitchen life throws at them.
  • …Cabinet furniture – Choosing handles and handle colour are worth taking some time over. A great time to consider this is when looking at worktop and cabinet colour. 
  • …Lighting – Subtle lighting is worth some careful consideration.   

By considering these suggestions for a Plywood kitchen you will be well on your way to having the knowledge to tackle a kitchen design of our own.

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