2023 Kitchen Trends

Posted by Rhian Burrell, on January 18, 2023.

What are the Kitchen Trends for 2023?

We’re not for jumping on the bandwagon and following trends that are out of fashion as quickly as they were the next big thing, but we do have our finger on the pulse of the things that are becoming more admired in kitchen design.

So, we thought we’d share our thoughts on some of the popular choices our clients are making that you too might want to consider if you are planning your dream kitchen this year.

  1. Clever StorageWell-designed, integrated storage can be a savour for the aesthetic of our kitchens and going bespoke means you can have clever storage built in for an endless amount of uses. Spice drawers, hidden bin compartments, integrated knife blocks and coffee stations are just some of our frequent client requests. But choosing bespoke means anything is a possibility.
  2. Hidden & Practical Pantries – Whether you have the space for a butler pantry or want a traditional option with kitchen cabinetry, pantries are rising in popularity and are a common feature in our client briefs. The options are endless; integrated within your kitchen units, free standing, bi-folding doors, standard doors, or a butler’s pantry with a space of its own. Having a well-designed pantry will help to keep your daily essentials neatly hidden away, can offer extra worktop space and could even host appliances.
  3. Social Kitchen Islands – The kitchen is the heart of the home and what better way to socially gather than around the island? They make for a great feature and when thought about properly can also become a multi-functional highlight. If you have the space a large island can be home to many things, a wine fridge, additional storage, shelving, and the all-important extra seating area. If your space is on the smaller side, then don’t panic opting for a peninsular or galley style island can help to maximise on your space.
  4. Spotlight on Hardware – The touches that are becoming increasingly important to the overall finish of a kitchen. No longer are the handles, taps and knobs an afterthought for a kitchen design. These small details are front and centre, and more often than not we’re seeing bolder choices. Brass, copper, and even black hardware, contrasted by a colour pallet that makes them pop. And the let’s not forget the quality, suppliers like Armac Martin are our go to for the highest quality finish.
  5. Colours – When it comes to colours the most popular choices remain the timeless pallets. Focused on neutrals, taupe, and stone keeping kitchens light and creating the feeling of space is very popular. Coupled with this is the use of blue, this is mostly being used on islands to offer a visual contrast to the rest of the cabinetry and we think it looks great.
  6. Ceramic Sinks – The ever-popular Belfast butler sink is a very popular choice within our Shaker Kitchen designs. Strong, resistant to chips and stains, and traditionally British these sinks come in single or double bowl depending on the space you have to play with. And visually what’s not to love?
  7. Quartz Worktops – Quartz worktops offer something for every kitchen. The vast variety in finish, durability, and the feeling of cold stone you get is perfect within a traditional kitchen. But if it’s not traditional you are after, there are a whole host of finishes that fit precisely with the desired look of your kitchen. From a Marble look to waterfall edges there isn’t much you can’t achieve with quartz.
  8. Floor Choice – You’ve invested a lot of time, money and love into creating your dream kitchen, make sure that your floor sets the space off perfectly. More and more we are seeing flagstones and ceramic tiles as the most popular choice of kitchen flooring. One caveat though, you need to make sure whatever you choose suits the character of your home and your overall kitchen aesthetic.

So there you have it, our thoughts on the kitchen trends you should consider when planning your dream kitchen.

If you are planning a kitchen renovation and would like some more inspiration take a look at our most recent kitchen projects and if you’d like to discuss your project then please get in touch.