Handmade kitchens – are they really better than an off the shelf option?

Posted by Rhian Burrell, on March 9, 2022.

Handmade kitchen in white with bespoke island and units

The answer to this is, it depends. Handmade kitchens offer a lot of benefits, superior quality, longevity, and ultimate design flexibility. On the other hand, an off the shelf option has its place if you are looking for a faster, more standard design for a room with no quirks or awkward spaces.

At Cherrywood Bespoke we’re big believers that handmade, bespoke kitchens offer clients something that you just can’t get with flat pack alternatives. Let us expand…

Unique – With a handmade kitchen you are signing up for a totally unique, entirely bespoke solution. From the initial design, through the colour and hardware choices down to the final fit and installation everything is created specifically for you and your home. You’re not limited by standard sized, mass-produced units and any quirks or unusual spaces can be worked around and, in some cases, used as unique design features within your new kitchen.

High quality – The quality of the materials, the craftmanship and the design of a handmade kitchen will, far out way that of a flat pack alternative. By opting for a bespoke solution, you are buying into many years of expertise of talented, highly skilled craftspeople that will guide you through the journey to bring your dream kitchen to life. From initial design to final fit time-honoured skills are used to meticulously create a space that oozes luxury and quality.

Longevity – With quality comes time. A handmade kitchen is built to last. Investing in a bespoke solution, timelessly designed means that you’ll only have to do it once!

At Cherrywood Bespoke our mission is to capture our customer’s vision down to the smallest detail, evolving your ideas into an entirely individual, bespoke kitchen that you’ll love for years to come. To really understand your concept, we combine personalised showroom visits with home consultations, allowing us to create your dream handmade kitchen. we take immense pride in always maintaining the highest level of craftsmanship and everlasting standards that are evident in every project that we complete.

If you want to talk more about a bespoke, handmade kitchen then get in touch today, or take a look at some of our recently completed projects for more inspiration.

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