Bespoke Kitchen Design: 5 Things To Consider

Posted by Rhian Burrell, on July 31, 2023.

There’s an art to creating luxurious bespoke kitchen designs, but the best outcomes are built around your own lifestyle and individual preferences. Ready to begin your own transformation process? We’re sharing some of the essential considerations you’ll need to bear in mind when it comes to creating a stylish, functional space.

What is a bespoke kitchen?

Bespoke kitchens are tailor-made creations that are designed and built specifically with your requirements in mind. Unlike off-the-shelf kitchen designs, bespoke kitchens offer unlimited possibilities, allowing you to choose the premium materials, finishes, colours, and layouts that perfectly align with your vision.

How much do bespoke kitchens cost?

As testament to the unrivalled high quality finish and level of personalisation options on offer, luxury bespoke kitchen design costs tend to start at around £30-40,000+.From the size of the room and the cabinetry needed, to the amount of benches, as well as accounting for any other features such as kitchen islands, and appliances there are a lot of factors that contribute to the overall cost.

Whether you want to add your own stamp on your forever home, or if you’re looking for ways to add value to your property before putting it on the market, a luxurious bespoke kitchen design could be the perfect investment.


Things to consider when planning your luxury bespoke kitchen design

When it comes to luxurious kitchen designs, the emphasis is on creating a space that exudes premium quality — all while keeping your personal tastes and preference at the helm. From exploring shaker kitchen colour palettes, to coming up with clever ways to make your kitchen functional, there’s lots to bear in mind, and putting consideration into each factor will only serve to add value to the final result. We’ve shared some of the most important things to think about at the beginning of your bespoke kitchen design process below. 

Write a wish list for your bespoke kitchen refresh

As we’ve emphasised, your requirements need to be at the forefront of your bespoke design process, and writing a wishlist will help you to maintain the focus of the project. It’s also worthwhile doing this with a long-term perspective – especially if the refresh is for a property that you’ll likely live in for the foreseeable future. For example, your contemporary kitchen dream may become something of a hindrance when your family begins to grow — buffing out sticky handprints on your glossy kitchen cabinets may begin to feel like hard work in time! 

Whether you’re looking to create a space that you can enjoy entertaining loved ones in, or if your priority is to have more dynamic storage options, making note of the criteria that the project should meet is a must. 

Gather inspiration

Seasoned renovators and newbies alike can all begin this exciting process from the same stage — gathering inspiration. Whether you’ve already seen a style you like from our kitchen showroom in Oxfordshire, or if you’d prefer to curate a mood board where you can store all of your ideas, having this on hand will make for a seamless design process. You’ll find lots of kitchen project examples to browse online too, giving you a clearer idea of what can be achieved and how styles look upon completion.

Blue open shelved Pantry

Settle on a style

Hopefully, the mood board you’ve collated will serve as a clear indicator of the style that your luxurious bespoke kitchen design will follow. If your inspiration consists of clean lines and high gloss finishes, you’re gravitating towards a contemporary style kitchen. However, if you prefer a cottage-core style appearance packed with timeless character, then a shaker style kitchen will likely be a better fit.

Choosing your layout

With enough exploration, the layout of your bespoke kitchen design can give you lots of new ways to add functionality and space to the room. If you’re working with a small kitchen, our team of experts will be able to identify ways that your new design can maximise the space. Similarly, if you’ve got a larger kitchen to revamp, we’ll be able to suggest layout ideas that leverage the room available. 

Experimenting with colour palettes

Whether you choose a plywood kitchen, a shaker kitchen, or a bespoke contemporary kitchen style, the overall aesthetic of your new space will be determined by the colour palette you choose. Neutrals are an extremely popular option for bespoke kitchen redesigns, boasting a chic, elegant allure. 

These muted tones can be complemented by deep, rich hues too though, and this can often be the perfect balance for those looking to enjoy some contrast. Our expert kitchen advisors will be able to suggest shades that’ll complement the space you’re creating, giving you plenty to choose from.

Bring your vision to life with Cherrywood Bespoke

Want to streamline the process of creating a luxurious bespoke kitchen design? Our team of experts are here to help you to transform your initial plans into a reality that you can enjoy everyday. We’ll explore your vision, and craft a design that is perfectly tailored to your budget and style preferences. Want to upgrade your space? Simply contact us and we’ll be in touch. 

Luxurious bespoke kitchen design FAQs

Is a bespoke kitchen design suitable for small spaces?

Absolutely! A luxurious bespoke kitchen design can be tailored to suit any space, including small kitchens. By optimising storage solutions, utilising space-saving techniques, and incorporating clever design elements, you can create a luxurious kitchen even in a compact area. Our team can help you maximise functionality and aesthetics even in smaller spaces.

handmade shaker kitchen

How can I personalise my luxurious bespoke kitchen design?

Personalisation is the hallmark of every stunning bespoke kitchen design. There’s an array of ways that you can personalise your kitchen, from selecting unique finishes, opting for contrasting colour schemes, to choosing materials that reflect your style. Luxury final touches are another great way to give your kitchen a one-of-a-kind feel — from choosing statement handle/doorknob fixtures to incorporating ambient lighting, your space can be customised by the simplest of means.

Are there any specific trends in luxurious bespoke kitchen design?

Bespoke kitchen design trends have evolved over the years, but timeless elegance remains at the core. Current trends include integrating smart technology for convenience, incorporating eco-friendly materials, and embracing a mix of textures and finishes for a sophisticated finish However, it’s essential to prioritise your personal style and preferences over passing trends to create a kitchen that you’ll enjoy for years to come.