4 Kitchen Styling Ideas: Bespoke Shaker Kitchen

Posted by Rhian Burrell, on March 4, 2024.

shaker kitchen colours

Whether you’re still in the early stages of creating your dream shaker kitchen, or if your exciting renovation is already in the works, your space is only really complete when you’ve settled on the perfect kitchen styling touches. 

Here at Cherrywood Bespoke, all of our kitchen projects to date have been distinguished by intricate, well-thought out styling elements that come together to present the final result. We’re going to explore some of the styling touches that have the most significant impact on the overall look and feel of your traditional custom made shaker kitchen

1. Shaker kitchen cabinets: adding flair to your functional spaces

The cabinets in a shaker kitchen are the perfect opportunity to embrace the clean lines that characterise this sophisticated style. There are plenty of ways that they can be customised, turning them into focal points in your space – find some of our favourites below.

Add open-fronted cabinets

As the shaker style is underpinned by practicality, open fronted cabinets definitely have their place in these kinds of kitchens. They create a break in your base cabinetry, and they can also be used as a point of visual interest – from keeping your best cookware on display, to showing off your spices.

Colour contrast your cabinetry for added appeal

While the timeless elegance of shaker-style kitchens is clear through their simplicity and clean lines, introducing a pop of contrasting colour can breathe a new lease of life into the space. In our Eydon bespoke kitchen project, we introduced a deep shade of navy (Mylands – Bond Street no.219) for the base cabinets, balanced with a muted silver hue (Mylands – Islington no.23). The result was a well-balanced space, and this shaker kitchen colour palette definitely captured the harmony of the style.

Add cock beading to your frames

Cock beading is a subtle way to add dimension and textural contrast to your shaker kitchen. It involves adding fine strips of wood to the edges of cabinet frames, and the width, and profile of the beading can be customised to suit your design preferences. Our Great Bourton shaker kitchen showcases the final result that this technique can be used to achieve.

2. Choose a timeless neutral base

Neutral colour palettes and shaker kitchens are a real match made in heaven. Shades of white, cream, and soft grey provide a versatile backdrop that will highlight the beauty of your shaker design. Keeping the colour scheme consistent across cabinets creates a sense of unity – but it doesn’t need to feel limiting! You can still add accents to your space, and you’ll benefit from the depth that this creates.

3. Embrace earthy accents and natural materials from floor to ceiling

The hallmarks of a shaker kitchen include styling touches that go beyond your cabinetry and units. Add warmth and character into your bespoke space by incorporating earthy accents and natural materials for your flooring, achieved perfectly in our Charlbury shaker kitchen with light stone flooring. Lucky enough to have oak ceiling beams in your home? Take a look at how we made them a focal point in our Wardington bespoke kitchen project. 

Fancy a spot of upcycling while we make the finishing touches to your space? Consider getting your hands on some reclaimed timber, using it to make mantle pieces or for shelving – these kinds of accents will create a rustic charm.

4. Make a sophisticated sink your centrepiece

Sinks are an overlooked aspect of shaker kitchen styling, but they’re a key element in the overall space. You can elevate this feature by choosing the perfect fixture – if you’re sticking to traditional shaker kitchen style, opt for a farmhouse or apron-front sink with clean lines and classic detailing. A Belfast sink is a great option if you’ve got a larger space to fill, and they strike the perfect balance between form and practicality.

Draw on each approach that we’ve outlined to create your own bespoke shaker kitchen, and your end result will be a space that captures the simplistic beauty of this traditional style. To book your home consultation, simply contact us today, or request a brochure to get a clearer understanding of the stunning spaces that we bring to life.