Haslemere, Surrey

Posted by Luke Cherry, on December 11, 2019.

The brief:

Jane and Ian’s initial question to us when we spoke for the first time was where we prepared to travel down to Surrey to undertake their new bespoke kitchen. Our answer with a few outlined stipulation was indeed yes. They had previously visited the area close to where we are based and had seen our kitchen display at the Banbury Antiques Centre and were impressed with the quality of our work. Jane and Ian from the very start appreciated the distance involved and were fully committed to making the trip back up to our Oxfordshire showroom. Here we discussed their plans and they were able to view our main showroom for further ideas. Once many of the essential details were established, we got down to getting a design produced along with a guide for how much they would need to budget for.

The space we had to play with was graciously spacious and was a great setting to put one of our kitchen in. During the design process we had a list of items to make sure we included. One of these items was a refurbished Aga which took centre stage in the middle of the only wall that was to have cabinets. This run also included the sink, dishwasher, a further single oven, an open tray rack and a variety of mixed sized drawers. We also placed a lonesome 2 door cabinet within the run. Our aim here was to create a visual break in the drawer cabinets.

The kitchen layout itself was primarily based on a similar footprint to the original Jane and Ian inherited. Because of the configuration of the room a break was needed to give the kitchen its own boundary and to establish the different zones within the room. A large island was the obvious choice to achieve this. The position of the island was aligned with the 3 pendant lights hanging from the high vaulted ceiling.

Alongside the kitchen design we were also asked to take a look at the utility room. As it stood when we visited site for the first time the utility door was not connected in any way to the kitchen. Thankfully Jane and Ian were open to suggestions and between ourselves and Jane and Ian’s builder we decided blocking this door up and opening up another door within the kitchen was the ideal solution. The utility itself needed to incorporate the fridge/freezer, another smaller sink with a filtered water tap and as much additional storage as possible. The only restriction we had with the utility was that its overall width was rather tight to fit cabinets of either wall. Our ingenious idea was to produce some bespoke staggered shelving to store all of Janes kilner jars and other important go to pots and cans. By having items on shelves like this means they are easily accessible when needed in a rush.

The Vision

Jane and Ian wanted a more traditional style for their new kitchen as their previous was a modern high gloss production kitchen with very little character. They chose the ‘Ted’ range of cabinets for its simplicity and strong features.

The overall feeling of the kitchen space was crucial in order to jell the many different areas of the room. At the same time the kitchen needed to have defined boundary but not in the physical sense.

Project overview

Materials used – Birch ply cabinets, Tulip cabinet frames, doors and drawer fronts and Birch ply drawers.

Colours used – The main run of cabinets and utility are in – ‘Cool Arbour 232’, the island is in ‘Hicks Blue 208’ and all of the shelves are in ‘Slaked Lime 105’ all by Little Greene

Cabinets used – ‘The Ted’ range

Appliances used – Refurbished 90cm Aga in dove grey, Siemens single oven, Siemens 2 zone induction hob, Bosch semi-integrated dishwasher and Smeg French style fridge/freezer

Sink and Tap – Shaws 30″ Professional Belfast sink and

Here are my thoughts about the kitchen you designed and built for us – how lucky we were to find you!

It was a leap of faith for you to take on this project so far from your home base. However, it could not have worked out better especially for us.

We still marvel that all your measurements and calculations were so very accurate that when the kitchen arrived there was no need for any adjustments to the cabinetry.
Your advice on using drawers – all of which are super strong to carry the immense weight of cast iron pans – has made the whole place very ‘user-friendly’. The linings in the cupboards are laminated plywood – again your suggestion and they give the cupboards a great finish along with the hand-painted exteriors.

So, we are wanting to show off this room to everyone who comes to the house. A HUGE THANK YOU to you and the team.

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