Dressing room – Mollington

Posted by Luke Cherry, on November 8, 2019.

walk in wardrobes

The brief:

This project was part of a complete renovation of a 200 year old farm house in the Oxfordshire village of Mollington. Our main brief was to design a dressing room with walk in wardrobes that was uniquely our clients and had plenty of space for their handbag collection. We got to work on some ideas and soon decided to keep the dressing room free from any doors apart from the mirrored section. This was purely down to the aesthetics of the finished room and to make sure our client could see all of her clothes to choose from. As well as being a major handbag collector our client was into her shoes in big way. We made a bespoke shoe cabinet below the window to accommodate some of her favourite shoes but not all we may add. The finish of the dressing room had been debated a few times but, in the end, it was decided that it would receive a painted finish. By using a painted finish, it means you are able to use complimenting colours to co-exist with other materials in the room. By painting it, it also meant the tall cabinets did not appear too imposing when stood next to them.


The Vision

Our client was looking for a simplistic design with clean lines and visual points of interest when stood in different positions in the room. A walk in dressing room can be said to be many people’s aspiration and for our client this was certainly the case and a dream come true.

Project overview:

Materials used – The cabinets and drawers were made using moisture resistant mdf and the doors were made using Tulip. The top/window sill for the shoe cabinet was made using solid European oak.

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