Creating A Kitchen Design Brief With Cherrywood Bespoke

Posted by Rhian Burrell, on May 14, 2024.

Every bespoke kitchen project that we work on begins with a brief. This understanding is formed by getting familiar with a whole host of your individual requirements, so to give you an idea of just how much is accounted for in our design consultation phase, we have documented the steps in this helpful guide.

Booking your design consultation

The creation of your bespoke kitchen brief begins with a design consultation, and we offer the following options:

Our showroom consultation service

A showroom consultation is the first step in your bespoke kitchen journey with us. When you arrange an appointment at our Oxfordshire kitchen showroom, we’ll ask you to bring your existing floor plans and measurements of the space, or your architects’ drawings (if you’re planning on making some structural changes). This will give us an understanding of the space we’re working with, or it could inspire some design suggestions for the new space you’ll be creating.

If you are unable to visit our showroom, we can offer a Google call consultation. We’ll still cover as much detail with you as we would in our in-person service, so we can begin working on your requirements well-equipped with your thoughts. We’ll ask you for your measurements, and we’ll advise on the specific types that we need.

During the consultation: Designing a bespoke kitchen that serves your needs

During the consultation, we evaluate your existing kitchen layout and functionality; and we pair your perspective with our kitchen design expertise to understand the areas that your bespoke kitchen design should satisfy.

Tell us why your current kitchen doesn’t meet your needs

Understanding the ways that your current space isn’t serving your needs helps us identify areas for improvement and customisation, so we’ll ask you about you tend to operate in the space, and the challenges this poses. It could vary from any of the following: 

  • Appliances aren’t located in helpful places, so you’re having to move from opposite ends of the space.
  • There’s no clear ‘zone’ for things like food preparation. 
  • You don’t have enough worktop space.
  • You loose some valuable worktop space in awkward, unused corners.
  • The space feels cramped when there’s more than just 1 person using it.
  • There’s nowhere to sit and enjoy a quick bite to eat.

We’ll make note of the things you’d like to improve,  and we’ll come up with alternatives in our bespoke design.

Personal preferences

We’ll also delve into whether or not you feel as though your current design choices reflect your style. At this point, we account for various factors including:

  • You’re overdue an update, and your kitchen design hasn’t changed in 10+ years. 
  • Your style preferences have changed since your current kitchen design. 
  • You feel as though the space looks unkempt and outdated. 
  • You’ve moved into a new house and the existing kitchen style doesn’t suit your preferences.
  • Your life has changed a lot over the lifespan of your current kitchen – i.e, you have a family, or kids have left home.

These considerations allow us to understand the bigger picture of what we’re currently working with, what space you have available and anything you’d like to keep the same. More often than not, there’ll be something in terms of features or layout that you’re happy with – we’re just aiming to make this even more impactful with your new design. This stage is also intended to keep you and your individual requirements at the forefront of our design decisions.

Deciding exactly how your new bespoke kitchen design should enhance your space

We work closely with you to determine the specific ways in which your new kitchen can enhance your living experience. Whether it’s adding more storage, improving the layout, or extending the space, we tailor our designs to your unique requirements.

Consider some of the following factors in relation to your current space:

Adding more storage

We explore innovative storage solutions to add efficiency and essential organisation in your kitchen.  From stylish glass-front cupboards to cleverly concealed hidden drawers and seamlessly integrated sleek pantries, we explore a range of options with you.

Improved layout

A well-designed layout is essential for ensuring smooth movement and functionality in your kitchen. Our design experts plan the layout to ensure seamless movement around the kitchen, in a way that allows us to maximise the available space.

Increasing available space through an extension

If additional space is needed to achieve your desired end result, we can play a role in extending your kitchen by reviewing and inputting into architectural drawings.

Choosing your style

Once we understand your practical needs, we delve into the aesthetic aspects of your kitchen design. You want a kitchen that you’ll love to be in everyday, and that comes down to how it looks. We’ll work with you to find the right design for your home. We’re always eager to add longevity to your space, so we’ll be sure to share some of our go-to timeless kitchen design hallmarks – we avoid being too influenced by the latest trends in this respect.

We’ll give you an idea of our signature styles at this point, and the include:


Our bespoke shaker kitchens are crafted using premium materials, and they embody the simplicity that this style is synonymous with. From bringing the shaker style kitchen island that you’ve envisaged to life, to designing a bespoke shaker kitchen with clever built-in storage, we’ll tailor your bespoke kitchen to your exact requirements.


Embrace natural beauty with a plywood kitchen design, known for their warmth and versatility. Plywood kitchen design gives you something very individual and beautifully unique to other kitchen styles, and they’re ideal for modern kitchen designs.


For a sleek and cutting-edge look, opt for a contemporary bespoke kitchen, and make it as minimalistic or extravagant as you’d like with modern hardware and marble worktops.

Sharing your final bespoke kitchen design brief

Once we’ve gathered all of the information we’ve outlined above, we’ll use it to craft your bespoke kitchen design. We’ll share this with you, explaining what each decision we have taken represents in terms of your requirements, and we’ll make any necessary tweaks once you’ve shared your thoughts with us.

Once you’re happy, our skilled makers will get to work, creating the components for your new, custom made space at our Oxfordshire kitchen workshop.

Choose Cherrywood Bespoke for your kitchen renovation project

Our comprehensive consultation process will ensure that your final result is a kitchen space that you love, and that will serve your needs perfectly for years to come. For some design inspiration ahead of your consultation, request a brochure or contact us to book a visit to our Oxfordshire kitchen showroom.