5 Key Timeless Kitchen Design Hallmarks

Posted by Rhian Burrell, on December 15, 2023.

Our kitchen design ethos isn’t crafted with passing trends in mind, and this is what sets our approach apart. Here at Cherrywood Bespoke, we draw on the concept of creating timeless spaces, giving our customers a stunning, long-term investment for their home. The spaces that we tailor capture practicality, style, and character, without relying on the latest interior phenomenons.

Want to know how to create a timeless kitchen? We’re sharing five of our bespoke kitchen design principles, giving you an insight into how we create spaces that surpass trends.

1. We only use the best quality materials available

The foundation of a timeless kitchen is built on the choice of materials that it’s crafted with. This fact has informed our conscious commitment of only opting for premium quality components, as they provide unrivalled durability and longevity to the spaces that we design. We don’t compromise this promise on any element of our bespoke spaces, whether it’s a handmade shaker kitchen cabinet or a plywood kitchen worktop. 

Here are some of our most used premium materials that we frequently source for our kitchen projects

Solid oak

Solid oak lends itself to our kitchen design style for an array of purposes, and we often choose a gorgeous oak plywood as the base for kitchen islands and cabinets. It’s extremely durable, even against day-to-day wear and tear, and it retains its original integrity long after your bespoke kitchen has been installed. From an aesthetic point of view, it’s extremely versatile, with unique natural grain patterns and tones that we can highlight within each space.


We’ve sourced a go-to selection of stunning quartz, and they all bring their own touch of sophistication to the bespoke kitchens that we create. Cimstone, caesarstone, and silestone have featured in countless projects respectively, and they share a selection of characteristics that make them compatible with our timeless kitchen design approach. They’re scratch and stain resistant, and they’re easy to clean – combine these benefits with their luxurious allure, and they create the perfect extravagant yet low-maintenance option for custom spaces. 

Each individual type of quartz that we work with has its own aesthetic profile too, and these hallmarks add to their overall appeal. Unlike natural stones, quartz has a consistent appearance throughout the slab – creating a uniform finish for a clean, polished look.

Granite countertops introduce durability and natural elegance to our bespoke kitchens, and the natural stone is available in an extensive range of patterns and variations. It carries the same sturdy characteristics of quartz with its impressive, scratch resistant surface, making it a practical choice for kitchen worktops.


2. We carefully consider colour palettes and recommend balanced contrasts

A neutral colour palette exudes enduring style, given its adaptability and the clean, refined base that it provides. These timeless kitchen colour schemes serve as a blank canvas in your space, giving you plenty of alternative ways to introduce other complementary shades into your design.

But if a bolder colour choice is more your style then the beauty of our kitchens is that they look fantastic in almost any colour. And we’ll always work with our clients to recommend contrasts and colour options to suit every individual brief.

3. Classic, considered, stylish cabinetry

Classic cabinetry has shaped countless kitchen projects that we’ve carried out, and in each space, it creates a unique, charming appeal – all while contributing to the timeless standard that we aim for.

Our signature bespoke kitchens are influenced by the simple, clean lines of shaker-style cabinets, capturing the order that they bring to a room. We strive to ensure that everything will have its own place in your bespoke design, and our approach to timeless kitchen cabinetry is led by this. We ensure that cabinetry follows the layout that we’ve tailored, and that none of the units are skewing the balance that we want to achieve for the room as a whole. From our wealth of experience in timeless kitchen cabinets for homes, we’ve also learnt some simple ways to add captivating touches to the finish – from incorporating recessed panels, to customising units with ornate detailing, or adding glass fronts into the design.

4. We ensure that your space flows with a functional layout, tailored to your requirements

Classic timeless kitchens prioritise functionality. Regardless of size, a well-thought-out layout can make a significant difference to the value that you get from your space. 

When it comes to planning a bespoke kitchen design that functions for everyday life, we settle on a layout option that suits both the space we’re working with as well as your individual lifestyle. For example, if you’ve told our kitchen designer that having a space for entertaining loved ones will be an important part of your new kitchen, then we will look for ways to fulfil this in the layout. 

We also embody functionality when we’re planning the layout of your kitchen with the ‘working triangle’ concept. The principle is that the core areas of your kitchen should be easily accessible from one set point – hence the triangle reference. We’ll look for ways to contain your cooker, sink, and fridge within this area, resulting in an ergonomic, practical space.

5. Illuminating your bespoke kitchen design with ambient lighting

Smart lighting can showcase your timeless kitchen colours, textures, and the premium materials that we’ve used for the design, while also creating depth, ambience, and visual intrigue. A statement pendant  fixture can set the mood and enhance the overall design of your space, and conversely, under-cabinet LED strip lights can highlight corners or glass fronted cabinets. 

We even consider how your lighting ought to adapt to the purpose of the room, and installing dimmer switches is a simple way to achieve this – they’ll help you to create the perfect ambiance at times.

These factors all inform the way that our kitchen designer creates spaces that withstand the test of time, transforming your space into a long-lasting focal point.

We’ve mastered the art of timeless kitchen design, and it’s evident through our signature bespoke style – book an appointment at our Oxfordshire showroom to see examples of this, or contact us today to arrange an online consultation.