Wardrobes – Deddington, Oxfordshire

Posted by Luke Cherry, on November 8, 2019.

custom made wardrobes Oxfordshire

The brief:

What did the client come to you asking? Our clients on this project came to us because they needed a bespoke company to help maximise the space they had for a new set of wardrobes. The room in which they were going was a good size which meant a large set of wardrobes would not over power the room. Whilst getting the most possible storage space was a major priority, Jenny and Peter had approached Cherrywood because they were after something visually special to occupy the chosen wall. We made absolutely sure we had gone through all of Jenny and Peters storage requirements before starting on a design. When designing wardrobes, we work on the basis that each individual cabinet is no wider than 1200mm, so each door is no bigger than 600mm in width. Visually if you are able and willing to go down between 800mm – 1000mm per cabinet, 400mm to 500mm doors work beautifully when it comes to a door’s proportions.

The space we decided on to put the new wardrobes had previously been used to stand some make do freestanding units on which had had their time. You could see from the way they stood the floor levels were going to be a little challenge when it came to fitting. Thankfully Cherrywood have many years of experience in tackling this exact thing. In fact, we pride ourselves on overcoming these issues.

The Vision

Jenny and Peter had a solid vision of how they wanted their wardrobes to look. We produced a design which was carefully considered given its surroundings of an older property with character. We also made sure we had put some thought into the interior of the wardrobes to guarantee there wasn’t any space going to waste.


The result meant the room had gained both a practical solution and a beautifully handmade piece of English furniture.

Project overview

Materials used – The cabinets were made using light grey melamine boards with Tulip doors and internal drawers
Colour used – ‘Purbeck Stone’ by Farrow and Ball

“I approached Luke after seeing what a great job he had done for friends of ours. From the start Luke was extremely professional and we were very impressed with the level of detail in his quote and drawings. We were absolutely delighted with our wardrobes – Luke has done an amazing job (our house is very old with very uneven floors which doesn’t make things easy!) Luke’s level of workmanship and skill is first class and we would not hesitate to recommend him” – Jenny Dahlman – Deddington

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