Embracing The Festive Season: Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas

Posted by Rhian Burrell, on November 21, 2023.

We knew we couldn’t be the only ones getting into the festive spirit in mid-November – searches for ‘kitchen island Christmas decor’ have increased by 160% in the past week! If this is anything to go by, it seems as though we’re all embracing the season well in advance this year,  so we’re helping out by sharing this Christmas kitchen decor guide. Add a touch of yule-inspired festive sparkle into your space with these simple ideas!

Opt for traditional elegance with wreaths and garlands

Nothing says Christmas like a classic, traditional, festive wreath! While they look great hung up on outside doors, they can also bring their inviting charm inside on kitchen doors, or simply to spruce up some empty wall space. If you’ve got a country-style bespoke shaker kitchen with a stable door, then a wreath will add a homely allure once it’s hung here.

Opt for greenery and holly, or choose a modern, dried arrangement in festive hues, or make it a custom accessory by adding your own festive ribbon as a finishing touch. While we’re on the topic of DIY, you could even consider crafting your seasonal centrepiece from scratch – there’s plenty of kits that will give you a starting point, or you could even go on a scavenger hunt to find your own greenery to incorporate. 

If you do pursue the homemade approach and you’ve got cut-offs leftover, don’t let them go to waste – it’s a great way to make your Christmas decor for the kitchen budget friendlier, too. They’ll look great as makeshift garlands wrapped around cabinet handles and along the top or back of worktops – just make sure you leave yourself enough space for all of the Christmas food prep you’ll need to do. You’ll find lots of premade garlands in a variety of styles, and they’re ideal for adding a low-key yuletide touch to the room.

Create a cosy at-home ambiance with fairy lights

Fairy lights are the ultimate kitchen Christmas decorations, and you really can’t go wrong. There’s no better excuse to pull out all of the strings of lights that you’ve got stowed away, whether they’re warm white or multi-coloured, we’re sure they’ll create a seriously cosy vibe for the room. Drape them around windows, along shelves, or add them to glass door cabinets for a unique appeal. The soft, warm glow that they create will be the backdrop for many long evenings spent wrapping presents at the kitchen table, and they’ll also set the atmosphere for chilled nights spent sipping mulled wine. Got a contemporary kitchen space? Choose sophisticated strip lights as an alternative, complemented by lots of black and silver sparkling garlands to add to your ultra-modern kitchen Christmas decorations.

Want another cost-effective way that you can create Christmas decor for the kitchen without any extra expense? If you’ve got a shorter set of fairy lights to make use of, dig out an empty gin bottle and string them through the inside. It’s an easy way to create your own kitchen table accessories – but we’ll get onto this properly, next!

DIY ornaments and decorative displays

If you’re in the mood to get creative and craft your own Christmas kitchen decor, ornaments and displays, there’s no shortage of things that you can whip up with everyday items. Set an afternoon aside at the weekend and lay out a crafting station on your breakfast bar. Grab everything you need for your handmade ornaments, and get started on your masterpieces. If you’ve got some space to fill on your tree, then add some red and white striped string into the mix and design your own decorations, or design some bunting to hang in the kitchen. You could even leave the kids in charge of making glittery name cards for your table

Seasonal table settings for festive feasts

Now is the perfect time to start looking out for ideas for your festive kitchen table spread, and there’s nothing more satisfying than bringing it all together on Christmas Eve once the card games are well underway. Festive table settings can be as bold as you’d like, or you can create a spread that ties in perfectly with your colour palette of choice for an elegant appeal – if you are keeping to tradition, opt for rich reds and deep greens, with dazzling gold accents. You’ll be able to jazz it up with sparkly table runners, decadent candle holders, and any more garland cut-offs that you might have laying around. Adorn each place setting with metallic cutlery and sparkling glassware, and make sure you’ve got your DIY name cards to hand!

Seasonal scents for a festive fragrance

Your festive kitchen will be filled with mouth-watering scents once the turkey, stuffing, and roasted veggies are in the oven, but until then, consider adding to the atmosphere of your space with a yule-inspired fragrance. Some of our favourite seasonal notes include frankincense, myrrh, mistletoe and gingerbread – all of which you’re certain to find a chic candle, diffuser, or room spray.

You could even conjure up your own homemade alternative after a day of Christmas shopping – simmer a pot of water with cinnamon sticks, orange peels, and cloves, and the fragrance will fill the room as it heats up. There’s something seriously comforting and nostalgic about associating a scent with a season – if you’ve not tried it before, give it a go this year.


If you weren’t feeling festive before delving into our Christmas kitchen decor guide, you most likely will be now. Whether you’ve got some ideas for this years’ set up, of if next years’ spread won’t be complete without a new bespoke kitchen design for your home, our team is always on hand to help so contact us today to find out more. Make a note of these simple suggestions, and add some yuletide charm into your home – tis the season!