Ant – Furniture Maker at Cherrywood Bespoke

Posted by Luke Cherry, on September 8, 2020.

A chat with Ant – Furniture maker at Cherrywood Bespoke

A video chat with Anthony Mockford – Furniture Maker at Cherrywood Bespoke. Ant answers questions about what it’s like to work at Cherrywood bespoke, how he got into it and tells us what he is most looking forward to making.

Video transcript:

Hey, I’m Ant, I’m a Furniture Maker here at Cherrywood Bespoke and I’ve been a furniture maker here for approximately three and a half years.

How did you become a furniture maker?

So I started my furniture making career at the end of 2009, I then picked up an apprenticeship studying fine furniture at the Rycotewood college in the city centre of Oxford. Picking up various skills from there I moved onto doing Kitchens, wardrobes and have now become, since 2017, a member of the Cherrywood Bespoke team.

What’s your favourite kind of job to work on?

My favourite kind of job to work on is, I think every job because they’re all so different. Every client is different, everybody has different needs, to be able to make something specific to the client is the reason why really.

What’s your favourite type of wood to work with?

So favourite kinds of wood to work with would be, I mean there’s so many to chose from, cause they all have different characteristics I could name Sapele, Iroko, English Oak, European Oak, American Black Walnut, again all different uses, interior and exterior, so lots of different characteristics really.

Have you made anything for your own home?

Have I made anything for my own home? Bespoke? Only a wardrobe for my daughter, my wife is waiting for the kitchen!

Is there anything you haven’t made yet that you’d like to?

It’s got to be my own kitchen at home. It’s because it’ll be personal and it’ll mean something to the family, as the kitchen is the family gathering space, I think that’s what it would be.

Why should someone choose Cherrywood Bespoke?

The reason to choose Cherrywood is that we have a dedicated team, it’s us that you see from the start of your project, throughout until the end and we would put of accept anything you your house that we wouldn’t put in our own.

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