Autumnal Kitchen Trends & Decor Ideas

Posted by Rhian Burrell, on September 20, 2023.

Autumnal Kitchen Trends & Decor Ideas

As we leave another quintessentially British summer behind us, it’s time to welcome in a new season. Shifting into Autumn can be a great time to add some cosy touches to your home, and there are plenty of ways that you can lean into the hallmarks of this time of the year with your kitchen design. 

Many of the stunning bespoke kitchens that we’ve created have been inspired by the chic, seasonal touches that we’re going to explore. Take note of these Autumn kitchen decor ideas for your own upcoming refresh.

Deep, dark, and inviting: Autumnal colour palettes

Outside, the days will gradually become shorter and darker, and inside, there are clever ways to incorporate some of the shades that we associate with this into our kitchens. Forest green, rich navy blue, and intense burgundy all convey serious Autumnal influence, and adding them into your space doesn’t have to feel like a huge commitment. From making use of a statement feature wall, to utilising them through design accents, accessories and more, you can enjoy the ambience of luxury that they bring.

If you’re working with a narrow kitchen space, then you could focus on using the shade in the bottom half of the room to add depth. If you’re between shades and you’re working with a small kitchen, then consider how much natural light there is – the right dark shade will help to create the illusion of a larger room. It’s also worthwhile noting that while these shades are ideal for Autumn, they’re also guaranteed to look great all year round. The way you accessorise will help you adapt your palette – this season, our top tip is adding dried bouquets in similar deep shades, adding to the appeal that you’re creating.

Create a rustic canvas for your space

What kind of image do you conjure up when you think of a farmhouse or cottage kitchen? We’re imagining a homely, charming space with earthy-inspired touches throughout – and this is also the case for Autumn kitchen decor! Our bespoke shaker kitchens have served as the perfect canvas for creating rustic kitchen spaces, as their simplistic functionality lends itself to this particular style. As part of our process when it comes to crafting your custom kitchen, you’ll be able to share these types of influences with us, ensuring that your final design meets the vision you had in mind.

If you’re looking for ways to add rusticity without a total overhaul, then focus on decor, texture, and lighting. Accessorise with vibrant, quirky clay ceramics, from mugs and kitchenware to vases, and make these features a focal point in their own right. When it comes to texture, rattan ticks every box for creating a rustic, practical appeal, but you can also incorporate cotton and other naturally-derived options such as bamboo. Lighting plays a pivotal role as the finishing touch for any rustic kitchen – consider brass spotlights for contemporary kitchens, or vintage wooden pendant styles for traditional spaces, and position them tactically over dining tables or kitchen islands.


Choose finishing details that add to the rustic, Autumnal ambience

The devil really is in the detail, and we craft our kitchens with this exact principle in mind. An Autumn themed kitchen will look to include details that serve to emphasise the surroundings, and there are a few perfectly suited options to consider. 

Brass fixtures

Many hardware styles have cold connotations, and while the temperatures may well have fallen outside, we’re aiming to retain as much warmth as possible indoors. Opting for brass in an Autumn themed kitchen will give your hardware fixtures a warmer, elegant allure – plus, the material also exudes understated luxury! It will look mesmerising on bright, frosty mornings when Autumn rays pour into the room, and it’ll be equally as distinctive when the lights go down for your festive dinner parties as we transition into Winter.

There are endless ways to include this in your design, and we’ve got plenty of examples at our Oxfordshire kitchen showroom, giving you some initial inspiration.

Autumn kitchen flooring styles

One of the most popular flooring styles is also one of the best choices for bringing your entire Autumn-inspired kitchen together – of course, we’re talking about herringbone! This versatile option will tide you through the year and well beyond passing interior trends, but there are a few ways that it can complement an Autumnal kitchen refresh. With an extensive range of shades and styles available, you’ll be able to find a grain hue that complements your Autumn kitchen colour palette. Not to mention that it’s also super durable and easy to clean – no need to fret when little ones come home after traipsing through muddy puddles!

Layer up

Our wardrobes aren’t the only place we’ll be throwing lots of extra layers into this season! Once your Autumn-inspired bespoke kitchen design is complete, you’ll want to add considered styling touches to put your own stamp on the room, and layering is a clever approach to take. Choose a selection of textiles as Autumn kitchen accessories and focus on drawing on your favourite seasonal influence – whether it’s rich, dark hues, or cottage-core style patterns, and find ways to scatter them through the room. Whether you’ll be adding blinds or curtains, choosing a new table runner, or simply sprucing up your hand towels, you’ll introduce unity to the entire space by adding these cosy, chic, layered touches.

Create a centrepiece for your kitchen island

We’ve already added dried bouquets into the mix for your Autumn kitchen ideas, but you can go one step further and spend some time creating your own stunning centrepiece for your kitchen island (or dining table!). Make the most of rainy Autumn days by getting creative, and design a custom decor piece – you could even upcycle an old vase in the process! Finish your one-of-a-kind Autumn kitchen centrepiece by adding your favourite dried blooms.


Ready to layer up and get cosy this Autumn? Welcome the new season into your home and begin adding these clever touches to your space, or make this time of year the canvas for a total renovation kitchen project. Our kitchen designer is here to bring your Autumn themed kitchen ideas to life, so contact us today to book a free home visit, or get your free brochure online now.