A truly bespoke Kitchen

Posted by Luke Cherry, on December 12, 2019.

“A Cherrywood bespoke kitchen, means truly bespoke. Each part of the kitchen is designed based on the exact requirements of our clients, and then hand-made and fitted to create an entirely unique end result.” Luke Cherry – Founder Cherrywood Kitchens and Interiors

The definition of the word bespoke when it comes to kitchens can be very different depending on the company it is coming from. Some companies use it to describe the option to pick and choose between pre-defined size and colour options, which limits customers options. At Cherrywood Kitchens and Interiors our definition is something entirely different.

Each of our kitchens is uniquely designed to suit the individual space available. There is no one size fits all so our design approach to each and every one of our clients is exclusive. We get to know their tastes and preferences and take measurements of their specific space. From that we are able to create unique designs that not only perfectly fit any space but plan the use of materials, colours and finishes. You will never be restricted to certain lay-outs or limited by the sizes of pre-manufactured units.

Our dedicated team then take the approved designs and hand-make each and every part of your kitchen. This is a labour of love and one that requires time, attention and skilled workmanship to get absolutely perfect. Only when it is do we hand over to our expert team of fitters to bring the final vision to life in your home.

The value to get from opting for a truly bespoke kitchen is one that once complete, needs very little explanation. By choosing a bespoke Cherrywood kitchen you are choosing a kitchen that:

  1. Embodies your individual style and vision
  2. Is made to measure and will fit exactly where it is meant to
  3. Is designed around your needs, incorporating clever storage solutions and innovative ideas
  4. Is handmade with the finest materials to suit the character and style of your home
  5. Is available in any colour to suit the wider pallet of your home
  6. Is fitted by a skilled team to ensure a seamless result
  7. Can be finished with endless touches to create the perfect final kitchen

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