The trends in kitchen design

Posted by Rhian Burrell, on February 23, 2021.

‘The kitchen is the heart of the home’ – a phrase that we’re all familiar with but that has earned an entirely new meaning as a result of the last year.

As we’ve adapted so has our home. What once may have been a place to cook, eat and entertain has become the multifunctional hub for home working, home schooling and everything in between.

We’ve never spent more time in our homes and with that not only have our spaces had to work harder for us they’ve also been well and truly under the spotlight.

Research from found that lockdown inspired nearly 65% of homeowners to invest in renovations during 2020 and that trend looks to continue into 2021.

So, with all of this focus on our homes, what trends have we noticed when it comes to kitchen design?

  1. Clever Design – As the kitchen continues to evolve so does the need for clever design. Increasingly the kitchen looks to benefit from minimal clutter and maximum efficiency. No matter what size space you have to work with thinking carefully about the layout and utilising every available inch is really important. “The use of ‘Clever design’ in all of the kitchens we create is essential to make sure we are providing something new and innovative to our customers.” – Luke Cherry, Director and owner of Cherrywood Bespoke
  2. The Island – One of the most common requests from customers is to include an island. They make for a great feature and when thought about properly can also become a multi-functional highlight. But bigger isn’t always better, and there are lots of different aspects of an island to consider. Think about the proportion of the island within the rest of the room. You want to allow for free-flowing movement around it and utilise all of the space within it. If your kitchen is on the smaller side, opting for a peninsular or galley style island can help to maximise on your space.
  3. Timeless styling – People are investing in their homes for the long-term. Quirky trends and ‘in the moment’ decisions are a thing of the past. When it comes to the kitchen the most popular style by far remains the classic Shaker design. Timeless, high quality and everlasting styling that blends harmoniously with the rest of the home.Whether you’re working with an open plan kitchen diner or a more isolated space the Shaker Kitchen has the power to adapt beautifully to its surroundings
  4. Smart Storage – Kitchens play home to so many ‘things’, from the ingredients to make the meal to the equipment to cook it.  Well-designed, integrated storage can be a savour for the aesthetic of our kitchens. One of the most desired features in many of our recent projects is the concealed kitchen larder. “Being able to include a larder or pantry will be one of the best decisions you will make when undertaking your kitchen planning. A well organised and thought-out Larder/Pantry will revolutionise the way you prep and cook your meals. Having a specific easily accessible place for those everyday ingredients will change your cooking experience for the better.” – Luke Cherry, Director and owner of Cherrywood Bespoke
  5. Hot water on demand – With the rise of the amazon effect, we’ve become accustomed to everything in an instant, hot water is no different. Hot water taps are here to stay and are set to be a highly sought-after item. We are proud to supply Quooker Taps as an appliance option in our bespoke kitchens.
  6. Downdraft extractors – The reimagined extractor fan. Optimal extraction with the lowest possible noise level and designed to blend in. As partners of BORA Hobs we fully embrace the benefits of the downward extraction. BORA draws off odours and grease particles directly from the cookware. This stops the cooking vapour from rising upward and spreading throughout the kitchen. Making you feel like you are cooking in fresh air. Particularly valuable within open-plan kitchens. Not only does it keep the room feeling fresh it eliminates the visual barrier of an overhead alternative.   

If you are planning a kitchen renovation and would like some more inspiration take a look at our most recent kitchen projects and if you’d like to discuss your project then please get in touch.

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