Cherrywood Bespoke’s kitchens are custom-made to cater to the individual needs of each of our clients. Therefore, every bespoke kitchen cost is quoted based on the requirements of each individual project. 

We handmake every kitchen cabinet and interior in our Oxfordshire workshop to suit the exact needs of the customer, taking into account the number of cabinets and their configuration, type of materials and the finishes involved. Want to see exactly how we work? Take a look at Cherrywood Bespoke’s unique process here. 

By choosing Cherrywood Bespoke our customers are ensuring that everything is tailored-made in order to create the desired end result. Our specialist team dedicates time and experience to make sure that everything is perfect, from the initial design through to the finished, bespoke product. Because of the time and attention afforded from the very beginning, Cherrywood Bespoke operates with a fixed upfront design fee which we will discuss with you during your initial, free consultation. This process then enables us to arrive at the final estimated cost for your bespoke kitchen or interior.

We do however understand that it is useful to have a starting point to work from when planning your project and budgets, therefore we have provided some indicative bespoke kitchen costs below.

Small bespoke kitchen

A small bespoke kitchen generally consists of between 8-14 cabinets. Our estimated cost for this is between £25k – £35k, plus appliances

Medium bespoke kitchen

A medium bespoke kitchen generally consists of between 14-20 cabinets. Our estimated cost for this is between £35k – £45k, plus appliances

Large kitchen

A large bespoke kitchen generally consists of 20+ cabinets. Our estimated cost for this is £45k+, plus appliances


Appliances are priced on a client’s individual requirements and are not included in the prices above.


Cherrywood Bespoke work with a local business to supply our customers with the best quality, sustainably made appliances around. Cherrywood Kitchens & Interiors are also suppliers of Everhot Electric Range Ovens and can build this into your bespoke kitchen project as required.

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